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Welcome to Red Juniper Solutions where the best of two worlds are brought together: a ‘been there, done that’ wealth of experience from a Controller’s point of view and an abundance of ‘not much I haven’t seen’ expertise across a widely diverse set of business models.

Rebecca Javins, owner of Red Juniper Solutions, is not only a Dynamics GP Consultant and Solver Bi360 expert, but also a real world experienced user. This gives her a unique understanding of what really works and what is just theory. One of her strongest assets is her profound understanding of business processes and accounting ‘Great Plains style’ garnered from being a hands-on super end-user for numerous years. 

Controllers are often the lead/project manager on an implementation, and Rebecca’s easy rapport with the controller, her ability to understand and speak the same language, is a key factor in her being requested, over and over again, as the project lead in an implementation.

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An accounting software gives you greater control over your financials, inventory, and operations.

A corporate performance management with financial reporting & consolidations, budgeting & forecasting, and dashboard modules.

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Rebecca has been an independent consultant for over two decades with experience in Dynamic GP and Solver Bi360. With her wealth of experience she has provided successful launches and implementations to dozens of companies.

Rebecca Javins